Anand district, the name that has been inscribed in golden letters in the history of modern India because of White revolution and the largest co-operative sector development, was basically part of the Kheda district. It’s only in 1997 when Anand got its existence. So the history of the Anand district is not so old but yes as a part of “Charotar” (Another name of the Kheda district in vogue) it has very vast and rich legacy. Anand is also called “Charotar” as it’s the home of goodly land, a tract of the most fertile and well tilled soil. Even the dialect spoken by the people inhabiting here is called “Charotari”. The word “Charotar” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Charu” meaning beautiful.

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Praveen Chaudhari
Collector & District Magistrate Shri Praveen Chaudhary, IAS