The British rule came to an end on 15/8/1947 and India became independent. The new government integrated the royal states into the state of Bombay. Kheda district came into existence on 1/8/1949. Thereafter, some changes were made in the villages of certain talukas and villages were identified for different talukas of the district from 15/10/1950. The district of Kheda consists of Khambhat, Petalad, Borsad, Anand, Nadiad, Matar, Mahemdavad, Kapadvanj, Thasara and Balashinor talukas. State Govt. has formed six new districts from 1/10/97 and Anand has been carved out as a separate district from Kheda.

Anand district, the name that has been inscribed in golden letters in the history of modern India because of White revolution and the largest co-operative sector development, was basically part of the Kheda district. It’s only in 1997 when Anand got its existence. So the history of the Anand district is not so old but yes as a part of “Charotar” (Another name of the Kheda district in vogue) it has very vast and rich legacy. Anand is also called “Charotar” as it’s the home of goodly land, a tract of the most fertile and well tilled soil. Even the dialect spoken by the people inhabiting here is called “Charotari”. The word “Charotar” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Charu” meaning beautiful. The land is fertile and Green with vegetation and so it pleases the eye and is called Charotar tract. Though the entire area is prosperous and productive, some parts of the Khambhat Taluka and Tarapur Taluka called “Bhaal” region is having problems of agricultural productivity because of the saline land and sea coast effect. But the wheat of “Bhaal” region is very famous because of its superior quality.

Situated in central Gujarat Anand is bounded on the north by Mahisagar district, on the south by the Gulf of Cambay (Khambhat), on the east by the Panchmahals, South east by the Vadodara district and on the west by Kheda district.

Famous for AMUL, education hub Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Institute of Rural Management and NDDB (National Dairy Development Board), Anand is a home of many NRGs (Non Resident Gujaratis) as the district is having maximum number of NRG families spread all over the world.


Anand at Glance

Anand is known as the Milk Capital of India. It became famous for Amul dairy and its milk revolution. This city hosts the Head Office of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (AMUL), National Dairy Development Board of India,well known Business school-IRMA and Anand Agricultural University. Also other famous educational hubs of the city are Vallabh Vidhyanagar and Karamsad, an educational suburb of Anand which is home to close to 10,000 students from all over India.