The state government appoints a Collector under section 8 of the Bombay Land Revenue Code, 1879. The Divisional Commissioner had been looking after the implementation and supervision of the land revenue code during ex-Bombay state. From 15th August, 1950 the post of divisional Commissioner was abolished and the powers of land revenue code and other acts were delegated to the collector by the government and with that the Collector was made responsible for the implementation of provisions of various Acts in the district.

Day by day the work load of the collector has increased as he is an important link between the government and people. He, being a representative of state government at district level has to discharge most important duties and also has to play the role of Chief Co-coordinator of the District. The administration today has become more citizen centric and speedy. In order to meet the expectations of citizens from the district administration, efforts should be made to make administration much smoother, efficient, transparent and citizen friendly with the maximum use of Information and Communication Technology.

Incumbency List
1 A. K. SHARMA (IAS) 02-10-1997 05-06-1998
2 K. N. BHATT 06-06-1998 12-05-1999
3 P. B. PATANI 13-05-1999 06-12-1999
4 I. K. PATEL (I/C) 07-12-1999 13-03-2000
5 P. M. VIDYARTHI 14-03-2000 20-04-2002
6 R. B. DAVE 21-04-2002 28-03-2005
7 D. G. JHALAVADIA (IAS) 28-03-2005 07-03-2007
8 R. N. JOSHI (IAS) 08-03-2007 30-11-2010
9 AVANTIKA SINGH (IAS) (I/C) 01-12-2010 05-07-2011
10 AVANTIKA SINGH (IAS) 06-07-2011 05-09-2012
11 SANDEEP KUMAR (IAS) 06-09-2012 09-04-2013
12 Dr. Rahul Gupta (IAS) 20-04-2013 05-07-2014
13 Rakesh Shankar(IAS) 05-07-2014 26-02-2015
14 Dr Dhaval Patel(IAS) 26-02-2015 06-04-2018
15 Shri Dilip Kumar Rana(IAS) 06-04-2018 16-12-2019
16 Shri R. G. Gohil (IAS) 17-12-2019 25-06-2021
17 Shri M. Y. Daxini (IAS) 25-06-2021 14-10-2022
18 Shri D. S. Gadhavi 14-10-2022 09-08-2023
19 Shri Milind Bapna, IAS (I/C) 10-08-2023 19-09-2023
20 Shri R.S.Desai, GAS (I/C) 20-09-2023 24-09-2023
21 Shri Praveen Chaudhary, IAS 25-09-2023 incumbent