Disaster Management

Disaster management branch is responsible for the Implementation of Disaster Risk Management Program.

Implementing Disaster Risk Management Program, the detail is mentioned bellow:

Administration of Disaster Management

  • Relief compensation of natural disaster i.e. Flood/Earthquake/cyclone/Scarcity
  • Relief compensation of communal right cases/Hearing of such cases indentation of communal tension places
  • Implementing DRM programs

Plan Preparation

  • Maintain District Disaster Management plan/Taluka Disaster Management plan/City Disaster Management plan/Village Disaster Management Plan.

SDRN Online updating on VDMP/CDMP/TDMP Capacity Building

  • Providing various Training i.e. EOC Management Training, Search & rescue, First Aid, Early Warning Communication Special Orientation cum Training for Govt. Official/Volunteers/NGOs

Mock drills

  • School level mock drills for school safety, Various Industrial Unit’s Offsite Mock drills, Various Administrative level Mock drills on checking SPO of level Specific Disaster Management plan

Awareness Generation

  • DM orientation program in school/collages, Campaigns/rally at various level, Mass Awareness Generation Program

Disaster Management Branch’s Preparation