The District Panchayat Irrigation Division is Situated in 1st floor of Pathik Ashram, opposite to Anand Railway Station. There are two sub Division under this Division i.e. Minor Irrigation Panchayat Sub Division Anand and Minor Irrigation Panchayat Sub Division Khambhat.


Branch Activities

This office deals with the Works of Check Dams, Safe stage works to Ponds, Flood Protection works, Maintenance of water bodies are executed in Gujarat State grant. The Technical Sanction to Plans & Estimates of Taluka Panchayat works pertaining to drinking water works and sanitation are accorded by this office.

Apart from above this office also deals with the execution of works allotted by District Planning office in various grants such as 5% Protsahak grant, 15 % Vivekadhin grant, MLA grant and MP grant. The works allotted by District Panchayat in own fund grant, District Panchayat Member Fund grant and New Pattern grant are also executed. Mainly the works of drinking water facility and gutter line are executed in these grants.


Information on tanks/ponds

(A) Safe Stage works is Following Ponds has been done

Sr. No. Name of Taluka Name of Pond Irrigation capacity in Hectare
1 Khambhat Paldo percolation Tank 4 Ha.
2 Khambhat Vadgam Village Tank 7 Ha.
3 Khambhat Vainaj Village Tank 7 Ha.
4 Tarapur Varasada Village Tank 7 Ha.
5 Tarapur Rinza Village Tank 7 Ha.
6 Sojitra Trambovad Village Tank 7 Ha.
7 Khambhat Golana Village Tank 7 Ha.
8 Khambhat Bhimatalav Village Tank 7 Ha.
9 Tarapur Kanawada Dudhiya Tank 7 Ha.
10 Tarapur Mahiyari Badarkha Tank 7 Ha.
11 Khambhat Tadatalav Gam Talav 7 Ha.
12 Khambhat Lunej Village Talav 7 Ha.
13 Khambhat Malasoni village Tank 7 Ha.
14 Khambhat Gudel Mota Tank 7 Ha.
15 Khambhat Nagra Nata Tank 7 Ha.
16 Khambhat Ranpur Village Tank 7 Ha.
17 Khambhat Rohini Village Tank 7 Ha.
18 Khambhat Gudel Vilage Tank 7 Ha.
19 Khambhat Gudel Village Tank 7 Ha.
20 Khambhat Rangpur Village Tank 7 Ha.
21 Tarapur Indranaj Talav 7 Ha.
22 Tarapur Dugari Talav 7 Ha.
23 Tarapur Khada Malek Talav 7 Ha.
24 Khambhat Tamasa Talav Physically Completed
25 Khambhat Navagan Bara Talav Physically Completed
26 Tarapur Bhanderaj Talav Physically Completed

Information of Tanks/Ponds
(B) New Ponds

Works of following New Ponds are being Taken up

Sr.No. Name of Taluka Name of Village Irrigation capacity in Hectare
1 Anand Sarsa 4 Hectare
2 Umreth Gangapura 4 Hectare
3 Petlad Ashi 4 Hectare
4 Sojitra Palol 4 Hectare
5 Ankalav Gambhira 6 Hectare
6 Borsad Dhanavashi 6 Hectare
7 Khambhat Motipura 6 Hectare
8 Tarapur Varasada 6 Hectare

The Ponds of Anand District is in charge of Gram Panchayat. In general the repairing and Deepening of Tanks are taken up by Taluka Panchayat. Apart from that, the works of Deepening of Ponds are also executed by Mahi Irrigation by 90% state Govt. grants and 10% local contribution by benificeries.


Flood control and water control

This office has dewatering pump sets as detailed below. These pumps are used during heavy rainfall.

Sr. No. Office in charge No. of pump sets Capacity
1. Deputy Executive Engineer M.I.P. sub Div Anand 4 6.50 HP
2. Deputy Executive Engineer M.I.P. sub Div Khambhat 6 6.50 HP


Information on Tube-well

The works of bore wells pumping machinery and switch room executed during last 5 years by this Division is given below. Such Type of works are also executed by Taluka Panchayat and Gujarat water Supply and Sewerage Board.

Sr No Year No of Schemes Executed Expenditure Rs in Lacs
1 2003-04 31 26.20
2 2004-05 73 64.93
3 2005-06 50 36.08
4 2006-07 39 28.72
5 2007-08 37 24.78
6 2008-09 9 5.31
7 2009-10 1 1.00
8 2010-11 3 6.05
9 2011-12 8 7.45