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sardar patel auditorium

Karamsad is located between 22.30 north latitude and 72.54 east longitude. It is situated on Anand – Khambhat railway line and Anand – Sojitra National Highway. It is the land of late Shri Vitthalbhai Patel and “Iron man” Shri “Sardar” Vallabhbhai Patel, the great freedom fighters and statesmen of India. Karamsad has contributed significantly during the freedom movement. Its name has been inscribed in golden letters in the history of India.
The brave man that Sardar was, he guided the freedom struggle and liberated the country and went on to protect the integrity and unity of the nation. “Sardar” was born on 31st October, 1875 in Nadiad of Kheda district. His childhood was spent in Karamsad where his initial schooling and grooming also took place. Sardar’s home is located in Karamsad.
Monuments of Sardar Patel and Veer Vitthalbhai Patel have been erected in Karamsad at the cost of crores of rupees by Sardar Patel Trust to commemorate these two giant personalities of Gujarat.

Sardar Patel University

sardar patel university

Vallabh Vidyanagar, a new township spread over an area of 6 sq. km has grown up as an educational centre. It was well-known for the rural residential university established with the object of bringing to villages prosperity culture and character and offering solutions to the numerous problems. With these aims in view, the Charotar Vidya Mandir was established in 1945. Plans were drawn up to pool and develop the lands donated by people of Karamsad and neighbouring villages and the work was started in 1947 with the blessing of Gandhiji and Sardar Patel. Educational institutions like Arts, Science, Commerce and Engineering Colleges and a multipurpose technical school sprang up rapidly. Finally, Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyapith came into being in 1955. The University campus consists of about 500 acres of land of various colleges, laboratories, farms, hostels and residential quarters for staff.


Anand Agricultural University

anand agricultural university

Anand Agricultural University (AAU) was established in 2004 at Anand with the support of the Government of Gujarat, Act No.(Guj 5 of 2004) dated April 29, 2004. Caved out of the erstwhile Gujarat Agricultural University (GAU), the dream institution of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Dr. K. M. Munshi, the AAU was set up to provide support to the farming community in three facets namely education, research and extension activities in Agriculture, Horticulture Engineering, product Processing and Home Science. At present there seven Colleges, seventeen Research Centers and six Extension Education Institute working in nine districts of Gujarat namely Ahmedabad, Anand, Dahod, Kheda, Panchmahal, Vadodara, Mahisagar, Botad and Chhotaudepur.



National Dairy Development Board’s (NDDB)

national dairy development board

The National Dairy Development Board’s creation is rooted in the conviction that our nation’s socio-economic progress lies largely on the development of rural India. The National Dairy Development Board was created to promote, finance and support producer-owned and controlled organisations. NDDB’s programmes and activities seek to strengthen farmer cooperatives and support national policies that are favourable to the growth of such institutions. Fundamental to NDDB’s efforts are cooperative principles and cooperative strategies.




IRMA: Institute of Rural Management

Institute of Rural Management Anand

IRMA is a unique institution of rural management. The Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA), established in 1979 by the father of white revolution Dr Verghese Kurien, is a pioneering academic institution in rural management education and research. It is committed to pursuing excellence along with creativity and integrity. The unique strength of IRMA is its concern with integrating development and management in all its endeavors and activities. This perspective sets IRMA apart from other management and rural development institutions, which are largely concerned with either management or development but not both. Today, IRMA is recognized not only as an institution of excellence in teaching and research but also for having successfully created the new discipline of rural management. Its path-breaking approach is being emulated by other institutions in India and abroad. As a premier institution of professional education and development IRMA has evolved unique curricula for its various programmes.

Amul Dairy

Amul Dairy

The Amul dairy project stated in 1955, was the first indie to product milk powder, condensed milk and baby food. It also produces butter, ghee, casein, cheese and baby foods. The union runs a lime juice factory mixing plant and supplies quality cotton seeds to the members as folder for the buffaloes and maintains centers. Beside training personnel for the industry. The Polson model Dairy working since 1929 A.D. A dairy collage for degree for diploma course has also been established at Anand. The papads made in Anand are sent too many parts of Gujarat. Anand occupies a very prominent place in the dairy industry, not only of the state but also of the country.


Temple of Santram

Santram Temple - Umreth

Located on 22-42 latitude and 73.7 east longitude, Umreth is situated on AnandGodhra
railway line and Nadiad-Dakor highway. Once it was considered the holy place of Jain culture. The village was steeped in culture with numerous Sants and Sadhus, Sanyasis, philanthropists, religious preachers, acharyas well versed in Vaidik Karma-Kand, Sadhak, Kathakars, sculptors, astrologers, agnihotris, learned scholars, painters, diplomats, traders, money lenders, munashis etc. who contributed to the richness of culture and prosperity of the Town.




Swaminarayan Temple - Vadtal

The Swaminarayan Sampraday began as the Uddhav Sampraday and was led by Ramanand Swami. In 1799, Swaminarayan, then known as Neelkanth Varni, was initiated into the Uddhav Sampraday as an ascetic (Sadhu) by his guru, Ramanand Swami, and given the name “Sahajanand Swami”. At the age of 21, Neelkanth Varni was given the leadership of the sect known as Uddhav Sampraday with the blessings of Ramanand Swami, who handed him control of the religious diocese shortly before his death. Fourteen days after Ramanand Swami died, Neelkanth Varni, now known as Sahajanand Swami, held a large gathering of followers at the town of Faneni. It was during this meeting that Swaminarayan introduced what he termed “the father of all Mantras”, and then he was known as Swaminarayan. It should be noted that there was no swami who he had appointed his successor or as an ideal devotee at that time. The name refers wholly and solely to one entity, Swaminarayan.





Once it was a town village located nearby Khambhat. When Khambhat was a major port on the confluence of Mahi Sagar, highways emerging from Khambhat passed through Sojitra to far away hinter lands. This had made Sojitra an important industrial center. It was the hub of businessmen, money lenders and famous artisans. The ponds (kund), step well, Jain temples, Buddha statues, Masjid of the village still provide a glimpse of its glorious past and antiquity. The statues found during the excavation of the pond traces the existence of the village as far back as second century B.C. according to the archeologists.



Hanuman Temple Lambhavel

hanumanji temple

Situated two three kilometers away from Boriavi; Lambhavel village has a huge temple of Hanumanji. It is very popular and people flock this place from far away places on Saturday for the “Darshan” of Hanumanji. A huge fair is organized here on “Kali Chaudash”. Anand (Boriavi): There is a Shiv temple of Vaijnath Mahadev. Adjoining it, there is a shrine dedicated to Sati Jeetba who became Sati here.







ravishankar maharaj samadhi

Located between 22.24 north latitude and 72.50 east longitude, Bochasan is a station
located on Bhadaran-Nadiad and ValsadKathana railway line. It is believed to have been come into existence in Samvat 1352. It has derived its name from Bucheshwar Mahadev. During the National Movement, this village had played a leading role. A camp was set-up here during the struggle against “Haidiavera”. The villages had resolved not to pay the tax and lived in other village by erecting shamiyana. Vallabh Vidyalaya is a well-known institute for imparting basic education (training) in Charotar. This “Vidyalaya” works as a branch of Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad. Bochasan is the “Karma Bhoomi” (land of work) for Shri Ravishankar Maharaj who dedicated his life to social work here.


Shree Sikotar Mata Temple – Ralej, Khambhat

sikotar mata - Ralej

Vahanvati Sikotarmata temple – Ralej located 7km far from Khambhat Town.

Legend says that back in time when ships would lost from their way, they would pray for Vahanvati Mata. Soon after, a lamp will be lightened up on the copper pillar and taking directions, ships would their destination safely.

Another tale is that, during Navratri time, Mata would come to Sikotar to play Garba. Sound of Mata’s anklet was so powerful that farmers in nearby villages could easily hear.